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Julian is the youngest of three brothers, and was born to Peggy McNeil and Diego Gavilanes on June 22, 1986.  "There was an encouragement to be creative in the house and I never had a problem expressing myself." Julian said. Throughout his formative years, performance art became the only thing that made any sense to him and teaching himself how to act, sing, play guitar, freestyle rap and story tell built the platform that would lead him to discovering his confidence and capabilities. It wasn't until 2010 that the notion to pursue acting professionally became a tangible possibility for Julian.


In the beginning, Julian sought work as a production assistant for various commercials around the Greater Seattle area in the effort to get his foot in the door of the industry he knew nothing about. These "coffee running" positions presented the platform for Julian to connect with actors, directors, producers and crew members alike. It wasn't long before these new "friends" turned into resources and Julian was signing with his first agency.


The first audition he went to was for the film Fat Kid Rules the World, directed by Matthew Lillard.  Julian was going for a fight scene, but the inherent peaceful side of him was blocking the anger from shining through. Lillard got in his face to try to rile him up, and not knowing what to do, Julian fought back, pushing Lillard down and getting right back in his face. Lillard loved it, and booked him immediately.





Julian’s success got his agents attention, who started sending him out for everything she could.  He booked several commercials: one for HTC Phones, The Washington State Lottery, and Taco Time.  His next big audition was for the film 21 and Over, directed by the writers of The Hangover, Jon Lucas and Scott Moore.  Without question they casted Julian for the part of “Stoner #1” and have remained helpful mentors for the young actor in his burgeoning career.


The stars seemed to be aligning for Julian. He continued to work on building his resume by shooting various short films and getting involved in any projects he could be a part of.  He was only becoming more fascinated with the actor process and how he could grow, so he did what any 21st Century man would do; Googled "How to act."  This yielded websites for Stanislavski, Stella Adler, Shakespeare, etc., but more importantly, the search brought up acting schools all over the globe.  After a visit to New York City and receiving six acceptance letters from different institutions, Julian decided to go with The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.



He spent two years there, studying the human condition and learning about how capable he really was as an artist. It was there that he got the opportunity to work alongside some really incredible educators and meet a few people who would be inspirational to his journey.


After those two years at school, Julian decided to immerse himself back into the working actor world. This time in LA and NYC. It was never easy, but his constant persistence and determination to thrive kept him inspired and excited to build himself into something more. The struggle gave Julian more perspective on what he was doing. It made him appreciate his efforts whether the outcome was success or failure. To help carve his path, manager, Alison Rinzel came to his side. She saw the raw and undeniable talent and thought it was in both interests to join forces and foster his career.


Since building the working relationship between the two, she has proven to be an incredible source of support and guidance for Julian and constantly continues to develop his acting career. Alison has provided him resources and constantly works to expand his experiential repertoire. In the short time period of their relationship, they have already seen various successes and built momentum. Together they are working hard to boost his career to where its inevitably going.